Why are STEAK HOME selections superior to grocery store selections?

STEAK HOME beef is aged a minimum of five weeks, hand-selected and expertly portioned by veteran butchers, then individually vacuum-packed and delivered fresh to your door. All you have to do is click your mouse or tap your smartphone, and we will bring quality products directly to your house, condo or workplace. We invite you to compare our STEAK HOME selection process to the common industrial process of grocery stores and big-box suppliers. Their buying criteria is based on bulk-purchasing of standard-grade products at the cheapest possible price. Age, lineage, specifications and premium-grade costs are barriers to their business and marketing interests.


Will my meat be fresh or frozen?

Always fresh, we hand select, portion and vac-pack to order, ensuring that the best quality is delivered to all of our customers. Our meats are ready to cook and serve right when they arrive.


Will my order be safe to eat if left outside all day?

Yes, we vacuum pack each cut and use one freezer packs per 10 lb. sealed box. Your order will be at a food safe temperature if left under a 24 hour window. With that being said, if you think your order will be outside for more than 24 hours, we suggest ordering at a later date, or giving us specific delivery instructions. For example, having a safe and shaded area on your property that would be a better spot for your order, instead of your front door.


What if I'm not home to receive my order?

If you know that you won't be home when we arrive. We request that you please give proper delivery instructions on your orders. Our courier can arrange to drop off in specific locations. i.e.) Under a rock, under your guard dog, with the babysitter, or if you're in a condo, they can leave it with your concierge/security.


What is your return policy?

All sales are final, however, all customers have the option to cancel (via e-mail within an hour window of when your order has been placed. The all sales are final is due to the fact that we're dealing with freshly packed meats. We will ensure that your order is delivered and arrives at proper food safe temperatures. It's up to you once received to properly handle; grill, refrigerate, or freeze.


I AM NOT HAPPY WITH MY ORDER! Do you offer refunds?

If you are 100% unsatisfied with your order and can provide our team with a legitimate case for a refund, our team will do our best to accommodate. However, your husband/wife overcooked the steaks does not qualify folks.


What should I do once I receive my order?

PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE if you're cooking your order the night you receive it. Unless we're talking beef here... Keep the steaks out and let them reach room temperature before seasoning and grilling. If you're planning on using your order a day later, the fridge is still a perfect option. Over two days before use? Please put your order in the freezer.


How do I like my STEAK HOME steaks cooked?

Medium or Medium Rare! Anything else is just blasphemous. If you're new to grilling steaks, purchase a digital read cooking thermometer and temp your cuts of beef. Medium steaks will read - 140°F on the grill and will rest to a temp of 145°F. Medium Rare Steaks will read - 130°F on the grill and 135°F when rested.


Can STEAK HOME orders be sent as a gift?

Of course, in fact, we recommend all future gifts you send from now on be STEAK HOME gift packages. Please make a note in the delivery instructions that this is a gift for (insert their name), with love from (insert your name) and we can even put a nice note in there for you. For example;

To: Jimmy in University

Love: Your Dad

"Life is all about #GAINS son!"


What should I get my Dad for Father's Day? His Birthday? Christmas?

An order of steaks from STEAK HOME.


What should I get my Mom for Mother's Day? Her Birthday? Christmas?

An order of steaks from STEAK HOME.


What are the business and marketing interests of STEAK HOME?

As a business, we want to supply a service of both convenience and superior quality. In reality, there is a price on superior quality, therefore we will never be the most cost effective method. However, we will always adhere to the stance of great service, and the best product for our customers. We will never stop searching for the best product for you. We want to market to the individuals and groups who want nothing but the best for their STEAK HOME. The best steaks for their friends, family and themselves.