Aberdeen Angus Beef - A breed known around the world for quality that satisfies the most discriminating clients of top steak houses and high-end restaurants. At STEAK HOME, we feature USDA-Certified Upper-Tier Choice, Aberdeen Angus Beef.

Our selection of well-marbled, perfectly aged cuts, are reserved especially for our customers - those who desire the steak house experience in the comfort of their own STEAK HOME. The Aberdeen Angus breed continues to provide beef that's remarkably tender, exceptionally juicy, and full of mouth-watering flavour. Premium steaks you'll be proud to serve, with uncompromising quality and consistency.

STEAK HOME - Aberdeen Angus Specifications

    • All of our sourced Aberdeen Angus cattle are USDA certified, Upper-Tier Choice grade.
    • All of our Aberdeen Angus beef comes from family farms in Iowa and Nebraska - the premier North American regions renowned for the quality of their Angus cattle.
    • Our sourced Aberdeen Angus cattle are grass-fed on open plains and corn-finished.
    • Every cut is hand-selected and professionally butchered to achieve maximum age, tenderness and marbling.

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